January 17, 2013


Carry a weapon legallyacross
the vast majority of America with a non-resident Arizona Concealed Carry Permit--Available to all US citizens and legal residents!!

Cost for the initial Certificate
and the non-resident Arizona permit fees under $20 a year! Only $8 a yr after 5th year

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Carry a weapon legally across
the vast majority of America with a non-resident Arizona Concealed Carry Permit--Available to all US citizens and legal residents!!
A. Paul Witte
Certified Weapons and CCW Instructor for the NRA, and the States of Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and Utah. 

Cost for an initial Certificate
and non-resident Arizona permit fees under $20 a year! Only $8 a yr after 5th year

Concealed Carry Permit & Gun Permit Services

Carry your concealed weapon legally and confidently with the near nationwide Arizona CCW Permit.
Gun, Gun Permit Services in Las Vegas, NV
Gun, Gun Permit Services in Las Vegas, NV
Guaranteed CCW PermitOnce you're finished with the easy-to-understand free certification lecture contained herein, I provide downloads of the necessary Certificate of Qualification and the Arizona concealed permit application. Arizona does not care which State you live in, the AZ CCW permit is equally available to both AZ resident and nonresident alike. Furthermore, AZ will issue permits to both American citizens and non-citizen legal residents living in the US and its territories.

Arizona is a shall-issue state. I prefer to call it a "must issue" state. Simply put, if you meet two simple requirements, Arizona must issue you a permit and they must do so immediately under Arizona law. My client feedback is telling me that "turn around" time from the date of mailing the app to the receipt of the permit is approx. 3 weeks. Arizona CCWs are valid for 5 years and very easy to renew every 5 years afterward by simply paying a small renewal fee without re-certification, re-testing, or re-training.
The first and most important step to obtaining an Arizona CCW Permit is to be issued a Certificate of Qualification from a NRA certified instructor like me. The second step is to be able to pass a standard background check equivalent to one allowing you to purchase a firearm. 
Once those two steps are completed it is a guarantee, under Arizona law, that the CCW permit must be quickly issued to you. There are no interviews, no arbitary bureaucratic decisions, no requirements or reasons needed to justify the permit, and no long periods of waiting for a bureaucrat to get back to you. Arizona actually treats you as an adult American Citizen with rights, rather than as a menial "subject" of the government with no rights.
1st Step: Click the Free Certification Course. Review the free, easy to read, and easy to understand course. Once you have read the necessary information you are qualified to apply for the Arizona Permit and will be issued a Certificate stating that fact. 

Concealed Firearm Permit Information

Arizona concealed carry weapon (CCW) permits are honored by 37 states, Arizona is as near nationwide as is possible at this time. It is the right choice for your self-defense needs at home or traveling across the country. Get certified here today and ensure you can legally carry a concealed firearm. Being able to defend yourself, your family, or your friends from any threats in future dangerous situations or environments is of the utmost importance.
Gun, Arizona Concealed Permit in Las Vegas, NV
Shall Issue StateAn Arizona concealed weapon permit is as close to a nation-wide permit as possible in this country today. With 37 states honoring the Arizona permit, you can legally carry a concealed weapon in any state that honors the AZ permit.You will be legal to carry a concealed weapon in every blue and green state on the map above.
Of particular value to residents of California is the fact that Nevada honors the Arizona concealed carry permit.
This permit is also highly valuable to citizens living in states whose laws restrict, or deny, concealed carry as is the case in California, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Illinois, etc. Those "liberal" anti-gun states normally have very low reciprocity with other states, thus severely limiting their residents' ability to travel cross-country with an effective ability to legally defend themselves using concealed weapons.
An Arizona CCW vastly expands a person's ability to defend himself across the length and breath of the United States
Simple RequirementsUnder Arizona state law  the concealed carry permit must be issued to you if you meet 2 simple requirements. Once I certify that you are qualified to safely and responsibly use a firearm, and you pass the routine background check conducted by Arizona, your concealed carry permit is issued without harassment or delay.
Bio for A. Paul Witte, Certified Instructor
Mr. Witte attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, the University of Utah, and the Merrill Lynch Financial Institute at Princeton University, and has a degree in Political Science.
Licenses Held:
Mr. Witte has held both principal’s and account executive/financial advisor’s licenses with the NASD and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). He has been registered with the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and the New York Board of Trade. Mr. Witte has also held a Federal Firearms License and is a NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.
Mr. Witte is a life associate member of the Association of Graduates of the United States Military Academy, has been a member of Mensa, and is a member of the NRA.

Weapons Training:
Mr. Witte, as a Texas "country boy", was trained in his early pre-teen years in the proper use of firearms and the responsibilities thereof by his grandfather and father. Furthermore, he was later extensively trained in the proper care and expert use of a vast variety of weapons by the U.S. Army. Witte has qualified as an expert in pistols, rifles, and a variety of other weapons. Witte has been trained and is certified by the NRA as a Firearms Instructor. He is also certified as a firearms instructor by the States of Arizona, Florida, Utah, and Nevada.

Witte has, over many years, trained/certified 100’s of US citizens, foreign personnel, military, police and body guards in the proper use and responsibilities of deploying firearms for close-quarters combat, self-defense, crime prevention, and the survival thereof. Witte also has personal experience dealing with police in the aftermath of fatal encounters with an attacker.

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